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Our Clients

OG CX is a Brooklyn-based consultancy dedicated to helping brands build world-class Customer Experience (CX) departments that focus on a uniquely data-driven, human-first methodology. We invented proprietary systems and leverage specific expertise in the startup ecosystem to help brands scale.

Our Results




Bot Deflection Rates


Users Supported

 $1.39 Billion: Grew inventory value  from $14 Million at Rukkus

Employee Retention Experts

The Average Call Center Retention rate

Oliver Ginsburg_edited.jpg

Our Average Call Center Retention rate

94% gif

FinTech   x   CX

5 years experience building award-winning and compliant teams from the ground up.

What We Fix

Slow Response Times
High Volumes
Employee Turnover
Inconsistent SLA's
Increasing Churn
Declining Customer Satisfaction
Ineffective Reviews Management

Our Services

How We Get Things Done

Fractional CX Leadership

Embedded as your first CX employee(s) or to lead your existing team to create best-in-class habits, experiences, and results starting day 1. End-to-end execution from Volume Reduction, Self Service implementation, tailored reporting, Chatbot automations to recruiting.

Project Based CX

We're at your service to solve your specific pain points. We excel in:

- Volume Reduction

- Automation + Chatbots

- Self Service Buildouts

- Recruiting + Training

- Recovery + Retention 

- QA Processes

- Black Swan Playbooks

- Voice of the Customer 

Employee Experience Consulting

We believe strongly in leveraging a human-first approach to creating world-class teams and customer experiences. We achieve this by focusing on hiring the right people the first time so they grow with your company for years. We're proud to consistently maintain the industry's top results for employee retention.


Let's Create Together!

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