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12 years leading teams at startups backed by Tier 1 VC’s


"Oliver is the best Customer Experience mind I've ever met. He has the rare ability to understand a customer's needs at a granular, emotional level, and what it takes to build a resilient, high-leverage team.

In short: he understands how to scale empathy. I consider him a magician."

Mario Gabriele   CEO, The Generalist
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With more then a decade dedicated to building high-growth teams focused on high-touch onboarding, recovery, and retention at some of America's fastest-growing startups. Oliver has held the primary CX leadership roles at, AND.CO (Acquired by Fiverr), Rukkus (Acquired by TickPick), and Tessemae's (Acquired by Panos). 

Oliver Ginsburg, Customer Experience expert

"To do the common thing uncommonly well brings success"

- HJ Heinz
Oliver Ginsburg is an award-winning
Senior Customer Experience leader

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